Vision Engineering is a world pioneer in ergonomic microscopy. Their proprietary inspection system “projects” a 3D representation on a screen making it the screen-based 3D image. All those other 3D images employ conventional eyepieces which give rise to ergonomic problems when used for long stretches of time.


The unique Vision Engineering Lynx is a pure 3D stereo microscope that’s screen based meaning there are no eyepieces, yet it has complete microscope features… zoom from 5X to 120X, digital capture, angled viewing, and adjustable lighting.

The Mantis 3D stereo microscope, which does not require any cumbersome eyepieces, allows examination at a reduced cost with magnification from 4X to 20X and now includes digital capture. Mantis offers an ergonomic and stress-free inspection experience for all applications.

Vision Engineering has collaborated with Luxo to produce a variety of illuminated industrial bench magnifiers that provide superior performance for assembly, inspection, and manufacturing applications. These first-rate magnifiers have optimal balance and adaptability for effective working, always guaranteeing they remain in the ideal place without drifting.

Luxo Magnifier Lamps are acknowledged as the number one lighted magnification system in the world by experts who rely on them to view microscopic components easily with enhanced accuracy when performing with their hands.

Vision Engineering has established itself by producing microscopes with innovative ergonomic features and superior optical performance. Our devices are built for superior comfort, productivity, speed and precision - they have all been tuned for use in any lab environment or manufacturing setting. Vision Engineering was established nearly 4 decades ago in response to reported limitations in existing microscopes – pushing them to develop their own lineup of modern technology particularly customized for the needs of many.