PDR Rework

PDR Rework is a prominent IR SMT and BGA rework system manufacturer. They offer several of the best tools possible for repair work in the market, including Focused IR technology which assures top-tier solder joints.

PDR Rework

PDR Rework is a market leader of rework equipment for the electronics industry. PDR, founded in 1987, has become the point of reference for desoldering and soldering excellence when outlining the elements necessary in a contemporary SMT and BGA rework system. PDR's customers achieve production line yields of more than 98%.

PDR Rework provides a broad range of IR rework machines for low volume, higher volume, and high thermal demand application. PDR offers an IR pyrometer as well as inspection cameras to monitor the rework procedure while it is heating.

PDR Rework has established itself by producing a full line of economical technology that meets all customer needs through an extensive range of solutions such as technical training, maintenance programs, onsite support and repairs.

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