Delivering AI-Powered Proactive Process Improvement and Quality Control and Inspection
Instrumental is building software that enables assembly lines to autonomously operate, learn, and adapt parts and processes – saving billions of dollars in scrap and rework costs.
Instrumental’s innovative manufacturing technology is revolutionizing Product & System Quality Inspection. Instrumental enables users to monitor production and identify known and unknown defects in real time.
Using high resolution cameras and artificial intelligence to instantly detect problems in physical products (from missing parts to process issues on circuit boards) they are able to pinpoint overlooked issues and maintain consistent product quality.
Instrumental is also deploying a proactive quality control solution that leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to anticipate quality defects before they happen. This helps assembly lines avoid the massive losses caused by product recalls and scrap.
The combination of AI-powered proactive process and quality control, plus advanced inspection technology allows companies to achieve near perfect quality products without sacrificing.
The platform also allows designers to evaluate products remotely without needing engineers present for evaluation. This is a huge cost savings for companies who need to evaluate products but can’t afford to have an engineer on site.
Instrumental is being used by some of the largest electronic consumer products companies in the world.
To learn more about how Instrumental's AI-powered solution can help your manufacturing process, contact our sales team here at Restronics New England.