Solutions for the EMS industry

Fancort is the foremost supplier of first-rate precision and automation solutions for the Medical, Aerospace, Defense, and Electronics Markets. With over 50 years of experience in automation and precision tooling, Fancort has established a reputation for delivering excellent automation systems.


Their team of machinists, product specialists, and engineers can offer a wide array of solutions that will help you develop products quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Fancort is a developer of solutions for the electronics market. To increase their efficiency, they offer PCB paneling, robot soldering solutions, and fume extractors that can be smoothly fitted into any production process, regardless of size. Fancort also produces SMT material handling and thermoformed trays that assures all components are perfectly positioned on trays before entering assembly lines.

Fancort supplies a range of services to assist you in automating your manufacturing methods. Their design team can assess risks, provide solutions in compliance with these guidelines, and work alongside other industrial engineers on projects that require precision control or workforce participation.